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Create an event page, add ticket types, and start selling.

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The ticket price immediately arrives to your account.

Fast check-in
Validate tickets on any device.

Live, detailed stats
View realtime stats about ticket sales and check-in.
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Sell in person
Print or send tickets to buyers via e-mail.
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Seat reservation
Create a venue of any shape, size and arrangement. Assign seated and standing ticket types.
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Transparent and seamless
Buying tickets only takes a few seconds. We don't ask for unneccessary data.
There are no surprise fees: all fees are already included in the price.
Fair dynamic pricing
Organizing a popular event? Try our dynamic pricing! It increases your revenue, improves customer experience, and reduces scalping. It's fair and predictable.
How we compare
Platform Total commission
Eventbrite (essentials plan) 91,500 undefined
Cooltix (standard plan) 69,000 undefined
0 undefined
1 USD = 310 HUF
Transparent pricing
Service Buyer commission Seller commission
Free (registration) tickets FREE FREE
Seat reservation FREE FREE
Offline ticket sale FREE FREE
Online ticket sale on a fixed price * FREE *
Online ticket sale with dynamic pricing, if it closes at minimum price ** FREE
Online ticket sale with dynamic pricing, if we generate extra revenue for the seller ** 15% only from the extra revenue
Ticket validity check FREE
Inspection FREE
Payout to Barion account FREE
* The seller can decide to pay fees instead of buyers
** From the price valid at reservation.